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With more than 15 years of experience in in the Mediterranean see and 3 years in the Caribbean. Caribbean Sailing Cancun is your most qualified host in the Mexican Caribbean, we are very proud to have accomplished a 100% client satisfaction rate, and will be pleased to welcome you into our clients selected group. The sailing yacht is called Perla Marina, crossed the Atlantic following Columbus' trip, from the Adriatic Sea, to the Caribbean Sea.

Cancun is known for it's incredible beaches and crystaline high pulse rate waters, one the most beautiful around the world. We are the local experts in crewed yacht vacations; we will make sure that you receive the unmatched excellent service you’ve come to expect.

Our trip sailing the waters just off the Yucatan Peninsula's love quotes for hernortheast coast, provides a taste of the excitement and luxury combined to explore the beautiful white sand beaches, rich local Mayan history and cristine underwater wilderness unique to the region’s spectacular reefs and atolls. This cruising vacation gives you a glimpse of the less traveled path and introduces you to the quaint island lifestyle of Isla Mujeres, the beautiful beaches and natural parks of Contoy and the historic ruins reserved only for those of us under sail.

Guests are amazed by the abundant sea life they encounter on this extraordinary vacation. From dolphins, sea turtles and beautiful coral to the amazing Whale Sharks, this experience is one which will create memories of a lifetime.

For the cost conscious traveler looking for the convenient escape to paradise, this is the perfect opportunity. Major international airlines as well as charter airlines have direct or connecting flights to Cancun every day. Now more than ever Cancun International Airport is easily accessible from almost every major city in the world. From the United States, you can take advantage of extremely affordable, direct flights. Leave your home in the morning and in only a few hours you’ll be enjoying the beautiful waters of the Mexican Caribbean from the bow of your sailing yacht.

We welcome you to join us in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean to enjoy a sailing vacation that gives you a taste of it all!

The name of our 42-foot sailing yacht Perla Marina echoes the luxus we would like to offer you during one of our scenic cruises. She features a large, sun deck to lounge on and a comfortable cockpit with a hard top cover for that ever important shade. Allow us to show dolpins , turtles or whale shark on one of our private sailing trips, or take you off the beaten track to more secluded places around Cancun or Riviera Maya, such as our private reef island where you can enjoy some of the most colorful snorkeling available locally.

We provide you with all the snorkeling equipment you need. No worries if you never have snorkeling – all of our snorkeling cruises include free lessons to make you feel perfect! Once you’re in and have seen all there is to see, you won’t want to get out of the water! On our trip to the Isla Muyeres drift snorkeling which is a very unique way of snorkeling, one simply floats along with the current above the coral reef teeming with tropical fish.

Seating is limited, so book early and be ready for a sailing experience you will never forget!

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