The key factor to all of our suggested activities is your idea, your dream, the magic of the moment. You’ll find the weather becomes almost unimportant, as you may enjoy a romantic cloudy, rainy day, or a vibrant sunshiny one. All of these activities can be easily adapted to cater to whatever special occasion you might be celebrating, through music, decoration, meals or any other idea you may have. Let yourself go, leave your worries behind and take your senses to the top...


Sailing on the Caribbean is a unique and extraordinary way to explore the breath-taking scenery and wildlife of the area.You can experience the Contry’s beatutiful white beaches and sparkling blue water observing the flora and fauna of the area.


You'll look forward to diving while we sail across the turquoise of the ocean right in the middle of the bay, after dropping the anchor you can play around the boat or swim to the beach where you’ll be able to feel the soft white sand under your feet.


We provide you with all the snorkeling equipment you need. No worries if snorkeling is a first for you – all of our snorkeling cruises include free lessons to make you feel at ease whit Easy Breath mask in no time – there’s nothing to it!


Many people don’t enjoy snorkeling anymore because it is so hard to breathe underwater through the snorkel. Breathing through the mouth feels unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece can be intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Easy Breath the first full-face snorkeling mask allowing you to breathe just as easily and naturally underwater as you would on land. The Easybreath provides a large and unobstructed 180° field of vision and will not fog up because it has an innovative dual air flow system, identical to the ones found in domestic extraction fans. Moreover, to stop water from re-entering the snorkel, the Easy Breath mask is equipped with a mechanism which seals the top of the snorkel when it is submerged underwater.



Breath through your mouth. See 180° around you. No water coming through the snorkiel. No Fog. Just relax and float.


The Easybreath is so simple and effective that it will take your breath away! Actually, it will just allow you to breathe under water like never before!

Spectacular Snorkeling

We will jump in the warm, clear waters and enjoy some of the best snorkeling in Isla Mujeres. Your guide will take you around the reef and point out impressive coral formations and all the marine life that you will never forget. All the time, you are surrounded by shoals of colorful, tropical fish Once you’re in and have seen all there is to see, you won’t want to get out of the water! On our trip to the north side we offer drift snorkeling which is a very unique way of snorkeling, one simply floats along with the current above the coral reef teeming with tropical fish.There are several reefs you may visit, where depending on the weather and the currents, you will enjoy swimming along the colorful fish, coral reefs and many other marine species. If you are a beginner, whit Easy Breat mask you will feel safe, to hold on to a rope or use floats to observe with more confidence the seabed.

Fishing... if you like fishing, a fishing rod will always be ready for you.

Sunrise, Sunset or Dusk... The sunset offers the most breathtaking color combinations on the sky, creating a Romantic atmosphere, a space for contemplation, meditation and harmony.

Full moon and starry nights... The moon reflected on the ocean is a sight no photography can do justice to, and that thousands of words couldn’t describe: it must be experienced! With a glass of wine in hand, you’ll get a good look at all the constellations, clearly visible from the sailboat.

Sailing lessons... Feeling the rudder in your hand and the boat gliding at your command, with aid from the captain, will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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