The privilege of knowing Isla Contoy

Here, of course, there are no hotels, restaurants, electricity, or any sign of civilization. The only things that you can do are dive in the reefs, which have a depth of between 3 and 5 meters, ideal for beginners. Another area for diving or snorkeling is known as the bedroom, or fishing in Ixlache, take a tour for bird watching, walking trails, kayaking or simply enjoy some beaches of Isla Contoy and relax.


Spectacular Snorkeling

We offer you all the snorkeling equipment you need. Do not worry if snorkeling is the first time for you – all of our dive trips include free classes to make you feel comfortable with easy breathing mask in no time – there is so much to see!. yachting

Many people do not enjoy diving anymore because it is so difficult to breathe underwater through snorkeling. Breathing through the mouth feels unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece can be uncomfortable and unhygienic.

We will jump in the warm clear waters and enjoy some of the best snorkeling in Isla Mujeres. Your guide will take you around the reef and point out impressive coral formations and all the marine life you will never forget. All the time, you’re surrounded by schools of tropical fish. Once you’re there you will not want to get out of the water! On our ride to the north side we offer drift diving which is a unique way of snorkeling, one floats along with the current. There are several reefs that you can visit, where depending on the weather and currents, you can enjoy swimming along the colorful fishes, coral reefs and many other marine species. If you are a beginner, with the Easy Breath mask you will feel safe, hold onto a rope or use floats to observe the seabed with more confidence.

Isla Contoy near this small island known as Isla Blanca, the main activity here is fly fishing, and know the waters of the coastal lagoon known as Chakmochuk.

Snorkling easier

Paradise of Birds and marine life.

Isla Contoy besides being a paradise for tourists who visit it, it is a paradise for birds. Here more than 150 species of birds such as brown pelicans, herons, pigeons, cormorants, frigate bird ducks, cranes and terns, among others, literally took flight. But the bird emblem of the National Park of Isla Contoy is the frigate. Snorkling easier

As for the inhabitants of the sea, its coasts arrive at 3 species of marine turtles in danger of extinction, such as the hawksbill turtle, the loggerhead and the white. In addition to swimming in its waters more than 250 species of fish, such as scribe fish, bull fish, barracuda, rays and spiny lobster, if you are lucky, you can see them swimming on the shore of the beach without fear.

Tour details:

What to bring and bring?

☑Light sweater
☑Extra money
☑Restrictions: Minimum age 12 years

Full day (9am-5pm).
Passengers: 1-15
Includes: Snacks and Drinks (Water, Sodas and Beer – after activities), Lunch Snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment.

Only for: $1499 USD / Only $99.9 USD p. Person Only for: $1499 USD / Only $99.9 USD p. Person

** Does not include entrance fee national park.

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